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Photo Studios

The Lincoln Loft & Studios are available to rent by the hour for professional photographers, content creators, bloggers and creatives.


We now have FOUR studio spaces that include white walls, white tin ceilings, tons of natural light from large windows, hardwood floors, numerous accent walls, access to our prop closet and lots of fun upgrades. The spaces are fully staged and you will also have access to utilize any PLV items that are already in the loft the day of your shoot! We usually flip and refresh the studio spaces every few weeks.

During our prime studio season - October - March, we will release new mood boards and installations in our Lincoln Loft Photographer Hub Facebook Page and on our social media accounts. During studio season, each of our studios will typically have multiple setups & lounges, featured upgrades all inspired by the current season, vibe and style! ​​​​​​​​

See our studio guide for pricing and membership information - here. We have recently added some great upgrade options!

We know it's nearly impossible to plan photo shoots outside in these unpredictable NNY winters. Come hang with us! We can't wait to see what you create in our space.

*Cancellation Policy - We require 48 hours notice if you plan to reschedule your studio time. Missed time will still be deducted from your membership without notice or no-show.

*Stay tuned for photos of the new studio spaces on this page soon!

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