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About Us

Hi guys - Chris and Bri here. Welcome to our latest and greatest venture, The Lincoln Loft & Studio.

You may or may not know that we own Pretty Little Vintage Co. - a specialty rental company that serves CNY, NNY & beyond. We have been running our rental business out of our home and warehouse since 2016. Over the last few years, as our rental business grew bigger and more popular - we started experiencing some growing pains. We thought that it might be time to look for a bigger warehouse for all of our pretty things. It would have been a bonus if we found one that had potential for a studio space where we could get creative and share inspiration with our clients.


While Bri was looking for a bigger storage space for our rentals, she accidentally walked into the wrong building for a tour with a realtor and stumbled into what would be eventually be The Lincoln Loft & Studio. 

We don't want to be dramatic or anything BUT - it was love at first sight. She instantly fell in love with what the space could be. There was no getting over the original tin ceilings, hardwood floors and the incredible natural light.  As a creative that styles and services hundreds of weddings a year all over New York state - this space was a dream. It was not ideal for furniture storage but it just had to be ours. A happy accident. 


She always envisioned a bright, natural light studio and warehouse space to bring her work to life. This space was everything that we hoped for and SO MUCH MORE. The best part? We had room to share this beautiful space with you and knew it would be ideal for couples looking for something unique in our area.

The Lincoln Loft provides a blank canvas that allows for beautifully styled weddings & events. With all of the rentals & décor included - our couples get to turn our classic, timeless, blank canvas space into the wedding venue of their dreams. It's a space where we can get creative and bring your wedding vision to life. A space that can easy adapt to your style, colors and vibe.

After opening the loft in the middle of the pandemic, events started to pick up again and we knew that we needed more help. We were lucky enough to find Alisha, our incredible loft manager. She is our number three and we honestly couldn't run this space without her! Alisha will likely be your go - to person throughout the planning process and on the day of your wedding. Her attention to detail and extensive event experience only adds to the value of your wedding at the loft. 

We hope that you love The Lincoln Loft & Studio as much as we do and we can't wait to see you around the loft.


- Chris & Bri & Alisha

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