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Vintage Glam Elopement Inspiration at The Lincoln Loft & Studio

We understand that some couples are ready to just marry their best friend already, so we've come up with an elopement package for the couple that's envisioning a wedding on a smaller scale that's still more personal and aesthetic than the courthouse experience! We wanted to give you all some elopement inspiration, so we teamed up with Pretty Little Vintage Co. (PLV) and an amazing group of vendors. Experience how PLV dressed our light and airy space in vintage glam, learn more about our new elopement package, and see how Jessy Herman took advantage of all of our favorite photo spots.

Detail Shots

When the bride arrives on her wedding day, she will have FULL access to our picture-perfect bridal suite where she can get dressed and do any final touch-ups. When you choose our elopement package, you automatically get a number of inclusions, including a bouquet & boutonniere and a professional photographer! Your photographer will arrive shortly before your ceremony and will capture pictures for a full hour. Consider leaving your jewelry, shoes, bouquet, and paper goods like invites, out and within easy access so your photographer can take detail shots. Take a look at these stunning detail shots captured by Jessy Herman.

Lounge Photo Opps

For this elopement inspiration, PLV put together an elegant, dark-toned lounge area. Florals provided by Alchemy Blooms FD were the perfect finishing touch to this set-up. Lounges are a beautiful AND functional inclusion. They make for a comfortable gathering spot for your guests, as well as a stunning backdrop for photos.

Outdoor Photo Opps

While there are SO many beautiful spots for photos inside the loft, there are just as many outside! Jessy Herman snapped some photos of models Mike and Emily out on our balcony before they headed downstairs. Parked right outside our building was a vintage Bentley lent to us by Clarence Henry Coach. The Bentley made for a classic yet cool backdrop for more photos Herman captured of our models.

Our Favorite Photo Spots in Town

We recently made a list of our Favorite Photo Spots, but we wanted to give you more visuals! Clarence Henry Coach took our models for a spin in the Bentley so Jessy Herman could snap their photo in all of our favorite downtown spots close to the loft. The first stop was this stone bridge.

The Bentley's second and final stop was at The Crystal Cafe located right in Public Square. The Crystal Cafe is Watertown's oldest restaurant, making it the classic choice for our vintage glam theme. Jessy Herman captured Mike and Emily sharing a plate of burgers and fries before they posed with a couple's cake made by Vanilla Bean Bakeshop. A couple's cake is ANOTHER inclusion in our elopement package and a cake cutting is always a great note to end the day on.

Click here to learn more about our elopement package! Our inbox is always open so shoot us an email at with any and all inquiries.

Cakes and Sweets: Vanilla Bean Bakeshop

Specialty Rentals & Styling: Pretty Little Vintage Co.


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