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Next Steps

Congratulations! We can't wait to host your wedding at the loft. We hope that you take some time to celebrate this huge step in your wedding planning. Now what? We put together a helpful map of what your next steps might look like.

1. Book Your Other Vendors

You booked your venue and have an official wedding date!

Now, it's time to lock in your other vendors to include a caterer, officiant, photographer, florist, bakery, music, hair & makeup, etc. - Choose a caterer from our exclusive catering list & check out all of the preferred vendors that we highly recommend right here on our website!

2. Schedule Your Warehouse Meeting with Pretty Little Vintage Co.

Schedule your all inclusive meeting with Pretty Little Vintage Co. You can do this my emailing

Please note - warehouse meetings take place mid week & are not necessary in person. If you're not local - we can schedule a call to chat about the details & lock in specific rentals. Typically these meetings are scheduled in the spring before your wedding.

3.Reserve Your Spots

Open House

You're already booked at The Lincoln Loft & Studio but at some point would LOVE to come back to the space to chat about your floorplan, rehearse, ask questions, show your friends &family around, or bring vendors to familiarize them with the venue. Well, our open houses are the perfect opportunity for our booked couples & events to do just that! Pick a date and RSVP - right here.



When you book with The Lincoln Loft & Studio - you get a complimentary hour of studio time! This is of course an optional perk but can be used during engagement photos & is a great way to scope out potential photo spots with your photographer for the big day! Interested in booking your hour with us? Shoot us a note here.

4. Schedule Your Final Details Meeting at The Lincoln Loft

Schedule your final details meeting @ The Lincoln Loft.

This meeting is typically scheduled for a month before your wedding date but it's important to get on the calendar ahead of time. Please note - there are a number of steps you must complete before attending your final details meeting:


1 - Complete the wedding questionnaire in full.

2 - Review floor plan options. (consider guest count)

3 - Review sample timeline and tips. (consider our suggestions)

4 - Confirm cocktail hour plans. (our on-site or off-site option)

5- Select bar package & beverage options & submit to the loft.

6. Select any bridal suite upgrades & submit to the loft

7. Secure one day special event insurance & submit to the loft.

Ready to set up that meeting with us? Shoot us an email here.

5. Tie Up Any Loose Ends & Relax! You're Almost There.

After your final details meeting you should have a pretty solid timeline set!

We encourage you to share your final timeline with your family & other vendors involved!


Remember to enjoy this exciting time together & let us know if we can help with anything!

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