8 Reasons Why Co-Working at The Lincoln Loft Might Be a Perfect Fit For You in 2020

Updated: May 11, 2020

Maybe you haven't heard of co-working before. Well, I plan to break it down for you and share a little bit about why Chris and I are excited to be bringing a new collaborative co-working event space to Watertown, New York this February.

In a nutshell, co-working is the shared use of an office by people in need of a work space (short term or long term),  giving them the opportunity to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge.

We think it's a little more than that though. As two self employed entrepreneurs that have worked from home over the last few years, our hope is to create a work space where people love to come to work. An inspiring place for co-workers to thrive, learn and grow.

The Lincoln Loft provides cozy spots to get things done, never ending coffee, and somewhere to bounce ideas off of each other. This is a place to collaborate, create and network. Did we mention that there's never ending coffee?

We want you to be able to work however you'd like. Tables and chairs, comfy lounges and plenty of room to stretch your legs and take a mental break.

Not sure if co-working is a right fit for you? It might be the perfect fit if:

1. You Struggle with Work / Home-Life Balance

Do you ever start working and easily get distracted by all of the things at home? I can't tell you how many times that I intended to start a project for PLV but instead, started a load of laundry, got lost in an Instagram rabbit hole, prepped dinner and become so distracted that hours went by before I finally sat down to do what I intended to do. Or there are the days where you plan to have just one cup of coffee on the couch before starting your day and one turns into three cups and a season of "The Office" on Netflix.

Working from home is amazing and has SO many perks. Setting your own hours is great but you never really "leave" work. If you find yourself checking emails into the evening hours and overlapping that work and home time - I feel you. It's tough! The Lincoln Loft provides day passes, weekly passes and monthly memberships. Let us help you find your perfect work and home balance.

2. You're Looking for Networking and Collaboration

Maybe you need some start up advice or a reference? Maybe you want to bounce some ideas off of someone? When you co-work at The Lincoln Loft, your answer might only be a few chairs away. Networking is easy when you're surrounded by people just like you! An introduction conversation might lead to a referral, collaboration or even new business. There is nothing better than word of mouth. We hope to build a co-working community where you can meet other creative and like-minded individuals and network on the daily. Our space is set up for collaboration and we encourage it!

3. You Need an Increase of Productivity

We want The Lincoln Loft to be a place that you're excited to get to work every day! From our own experience, the simple act of leaving the house to go to work helps us get more work done. Being surrounded by other motivated individuals and taking the work from home distractions out of the equation can lead to a more productive day.

4. You Like to Switch It Up

Do you get bored and lose motivation working in one place all day? We do too. That's why we've created a space that has options. From the classic "desk" seating to cozy lounges and high tops with a view, The Lincoln Loft is sure to have an option in our open floor plan that is suited for you. Take a break, grab some coffee in the kitchen or take a short walk down the street for lunch. Our downtown location is conveniently located near plenty of great local spots to grab a bite in between brain storming sessions and client meetings.

5. You Crave a Sense of Community

Entrepreneurship is hard and working from home and in random coffee shops can be lonely. Sometimes it feels like nobody understands where you're coming from or that no one can relate to the problems that you face in your day to day tasks. We've been there, many times and are excited to create a co-working community that can learn from each other and help each other grow! We would like to plan monthly meet ups, helpful workshops/chats and special perks for our co-working family.

6. You Need a Central Spot to Meet Clients

Are you lacking a professional location to meet with clients? We have just the place for you. Professional, styled with love and centrally located. Whether you're signing contracts or meeting for the first time - treat our space like it's your own.

7. You're Looking for a Cost Efficient / Low Rent Office

Finding your own office or work space can be tricky and expensive - (location, rent, insurance, etc) Don't stress, we did all the hard work for you. With monthly memberships priced at $150 - you can't really beat the convenience and the low "rent" that The Lincoln Loft provides. Invest in yourself and your business this new year.

8. You're Looking For An All Inclusive Kind Of Space

Furnishing a new office can be expensive. Our co-working space is not only cost efficient, it's pretty much all inclusive creating even more savings. The Lincoln Loft has high speed wifi, a shared printer, copier / scanner, and a number of seating options for you to choose. The kitchenette has a stocked fridge with complimentary bubbly waters and snacks available for purchase. Everything you need in one place.

Have we convinced you that co-working is the way to go yet? Looking for more information? See more co-working details below. We can't wait to see you at The Lincoln Loft.

What's Included?

- Prime downtown location

- Monday-Thursday 8-4 access

- Friday 8-12 access

- Lounge Areas

- Speedy Wi-Fi

- Free Coffee

- Copy & Print

- Mail Drop

- Monthly Member Perks

- Member Discounts for Lincoln Loft Rentals

Memberships & Pricing:

Day Pass $25

Week Pass  $75

Monthly Membership $150

Are you ready to schedule your tour? Email us at to get on our calendar!

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